Being A Sugar Baby With A Boyfriend: Main Perks And Challenges
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Being A Sugar Baby With A Boyfriend: Main Perks And Challenges

While having a dedicated relationship with a loving boyfriend, it gets tough from time to time to make things end for various reasons. You spend a ton of money on moving into a new apartment together, paying bills and your college fees. Also, you still have to buy groceries, travel sometimes, and at least save some money for the future. With a young but devoted partner, it gets hard. You both don`t have stable jobs, and your income is barely enough. That`s when lots of girls start to look for sugar daddy relationships to increase their life quality and make it more bearable in terms of money.

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Is it normal being a sugar baby with a boyfriend?

For each of us, the truth is different. Some people might think dating both a sugar daddy and a boyfriend is either a good thing or a bad one. Depending on the perspective and a full scope of motives and reasons, you might feel sympathy or fascination when you see a sugar baby having a companion and a “full-time” boyfriend at the same time. The most important thing to do here is keep full privacy and take into account all the reasons for doing it. In most cases, girls take this desperate step due to the fear of uncertainty in the future.


Main pitfalls for a sugar baby couple

Obviously, having a sugar daddy and a boyfriend is risky. The truth may come up at any time. This is one of the main problems of being a sugar baby with a boyfriend. This may ruin any relationship with a committed partner. Eventually, other people will find out what a girl is doing to provide for herself. Another problem might be a sugar daddy wanting more attention and forcing a girl to leave her boyfriend. If a man is serious about the girl, he might even try to get in touch with a real boyfriend and tell him the truth.

One last problem of such double relationships that can be found on LuxuryDate is the addictive feeling of wealth and independence. Most girls keep lying for months about their source of income or hiding being a member of Ashley Madison or SugarDaddy.Com, never reveal the truth to their boyfriends, and can`t get away from the constant need for more money. They get used to a particular standard of living, which will be quite hard to change.

So, if you are interested in having a sugar daddy – try Secret Benefits website.

Top reasons for finding a sugar daddy for couples

  • Financial security for the future
  • Current needs for paying bills, college fees, rent, etc.
  • Support for family or partner
  • Getting new life experiences
  • Trying to build a better life at the early stages of an independent life

Making it comfortable for both a daddy and a boyfriend

If you want to make sure that both of these relationships don`t intertwine, it might be a good idea to talk this through with your sugar daddy. It`s nothing new. Lots of sugar babies have this double life with both a sugar daddy and a long-term, devoted partner. Older men, like those to be found on Secret Benefits, are more experienced and wise, so they can give you some advice and help fight anxiety.

Sure, a sugar daddy also needs some guarantee that his girl won`t suddenly leave him with no explanation. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you don`t necessarily need a signed agreement or any other legally binding document. When you find a sugar partner on a reputable website like Secret Benefits, better discuss how long you`re going to keep this relationship going and on what terms. Make sure you haven`t missed anything to avoid misunderstandings in the future. But sure, if you want 100% certainty that nothing will fall apart and no irrelevant behavior will take place, better to keep it in a text format. Your chat history on Ashley Madison, for example, could be a great proof of all the terms you`ve agreed on.


Pros and cons of being a sugar baby and having a boyfriend


  • Financial independence and stability
  • Easy money, if you join for example SugarDaddy.Com
  • The ability to leave a low-paid job
  • Having more free time to enjoy
  • Being able to provide for family and not be a burden to a boyfriend


  • Living with the fear of revealing a secret
  • Having to dedicate enough time for both partners
  • Running the risk of ruining the real relationship
  • Having to engage in sexual activity against a baby`s will
  • Becoming addicted to money
  • Being unable to fully settle down with either of the partners

Sure, registering on a sugar site like RichMeetBeautiful and managing having a sugar daddy and a boyfriend simultaneously is a risky thing to do. Still, it gives you new experience and various opportunities like financial independence and the ability to forget about having dull, low-paid jobs for quite a while. The only major downfall of such a lifestyle related to active sugar site, like, for example, Secret Benefits use, is being unable to tell your partner and anyone else the truth about your real source of income. Having to lie about working in a coffee shop or apparel store isn`t giving any guarantee that the truth won`t be revealed at some point.

There`s no right and wrong here since sugar babies have various reasons for such “mixed” relationships. The best thing to do here is be honest to yourself and don`t get too addicted to the miraculous feeling of financial stability and wealth such websites as Secret Benefits and SugarDaddy.Com can give you.


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