Will Splenda Daddy Offer You Romance Topped With Benefits?
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Will Splenda Daddy Offer You Romance Topped With Benefits?

The field of dating sugar daddies near me is thriving, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, alongside the niche, there’s an intricate opportunity on the rise — Splenda daddies. Who are they? Are they just regular daddies with a fancy name, or should you keep away from them? Read on to learn more!


What is a Splenda daddy?

First things first, you need to understand what the word ‘Splenda’ means. It happens so that it’s nothing else but the name of an artificial sweetener. So, Splenda daddy meaning can be briefly outlined as an artificial sugar daddy. Not that such a daddy doesn’t count as a real deal, but the terms and conditions of Splenda dating are slightly different.

How to tell the difference between a sugar and Splenda daddy?

If you’re new to the industry, you may worry that you won’t be able to tell a real sugar daddy from an artificial one. However, there are signs to notice and recognize to head in the right direction.

The treatment

A Splenda daddy will treat you better. This may be a controversial assumption since it’s a fact that these men have less money than sugar daddies. However, while they’re less busy with making a fortune, they’ll spend more time with you. So, if you’re potentially interested in a romantic outcome of the venture, this is your golden ticket!

The gifts

The chances that a Splenda daddy will present you with an expensive car or your own apartment are slim. However, the gifts they make are charged with genuine feelings. They’re not about to buy you but to win you over, for the most part.

The competitors

When you compare sugar daddy vs Splenda daddy, you can rest assured that the latter won’t have countless affairs on the side. You’ll be his only girl, and that’s a worthy privilege to consider.

Splenda daddies are a lot easier to come across than wealthy sugar daddies. That’s why if you’re in a rush or if you’re not into a buy-sell type of relationship but wish there were a few benefits over a casual affair, this is your chance.

Where do you find Splenda daddies?

The simplest way to end up with the man you’re looking for at your feet is to browse through sugar dating platforms. However, good-old dating sites that you use for a one-night stand or true love won’t fit the goal. It’s advised to start with sugar dating platforms. Once you get more experienced with the field, you can move on to the sites that offer secret benefits in the shape of Splenda dating.


How to reject a Splenda daddy?

There are cases when you don’t aim at a Splenda daddy, yet many of those come your way. Even if you’re into the field, but a man who reaches out to you is not your type. You shouldn’t be rude or aggressive, since these are real people with needs and feelings that you’re about to reject. Use these tips to your benefit:

Explain yourself

You may assume that you don’t need to explain yourself to a stranger. However, it won’t hurt to simply tell the man that he’s not your type and move on. If he turns out to be annoying or overly persistent—you can report him at any time.

Give him a chance

The fact is that countless sugar daddies are there to test the waters. They may approach you like a simple Splenda instead of saying who they actually are. If you blow him away straight away due to his bank account missing a couple of figures, you may make a serious mistake. Besides, some men are utterly awkward when it comes to dating services. Taking your time and considering the candidature is a wise strategy.

Polish your detection skills

Other men are fond of lying about their fortunes, and you should be ready for that. But, if he promises you a shower of diamonds yet can’t take you out to a nice place—something smells fishy here. The better you learn to read people online, the sooner you will achieve what you want.


There’s nothing wrong with the notion of a Splenda daddy. Some women prefer them to sugar daddies since they appear to be more genuine. It’s your choice to give it a try, before blocking yourself completely from the field!


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