Sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting: the review of most popular ones
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Sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting: the review of most popular ones

Lots of people want to become sugar babies and sugar daddies, but not all of them want to meet with companions in real life. That’s why many look for free sugar daddy apps that send money after online contact. Sometimes it’s enough to become a virtual or digital partner to benefit from a mutual friend. But where to meet benefactors and model-like girls for such arrangements? Fortunately, there are legit sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting, and if you want to learn some to join, keep on reading and learn more now!

Sugar daddy sites&apps that send money without a meeting

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Websites and applications that suggest sugar dating with real partners and building mutually beneficial relationships online without meeting each other in real life are called sugar daddy websites without meeting. 

Though online arrangements that are also called digital, virtual, or cyber ones aren’t as popular as traditional sugar dating, they attract more attention from experienced sugar dates and newbies since they’re less time-consuming and easier to start. The world gets more tech-oriented every day, so any type of relationship can be started and developed online due to various communication tools, romantic services, and the availability of modern gadgets and devices. No wonder there are sugar daddies that pay for conversation and sugar babies who can do a lot of things in front of the screen to get this money.

The best sugar daddy apps without meeting

As of now, people have access to numerous sites and apps that provide sugaring experiences worldwide. Not all of these are sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. However, you can still find sugar daddy applications (both free and paid) that can send sugar baby allowance without real-life meetings. Here, we offer an overview of the 5 best apps.

Secret Benefits

This site is a popular destination for experienced men to meet attractive sugar babies for exciting experiences. There are over 800k members, with approximately 4 girls for every prosperous man. The site has the following features:

Secret Benefits
  • A free and quick registration;
  • A search engine with lots of filters;
  • Messaging tool;
  • Adding users to favorites;
  • Making photos private;
  • Mobile app.

With over 250k visitors a month, 83% of the audience are from the US. These are people looking for a fantastic sugar dating experience, mainly with the NSA. Though it doesn’t have a mobile app, the site is fully responsive and functional:
  • Only 2 minutes to sign-up;
  • Unlimited conversations;
  • Secret photos and videos;
  • High-quality customer support;
  • SSL encryption for data protection. 


People looking for unforgettable online dating can find it on LuxuryDate. The site has over 800k members and an almost equal male-to-female ratio. There’s no application for mobile devices, but it doesn’t prevent users from accessing the site via a mobile browser. The selection of features is pervasive too:

Luxury Date
  • More time to become a member;
  • Verification system to protect users;
  • Credits system for using paid features;
  • Advanced search engine;
  • Public and secret photos;
  • Unlimited messaging;
  • Lots of payment systems.


Looking for online sugar daddies with no meeting, join the Ashley Madison dating site. Over 1 million people are looking for affairs there, including online ones. The site has a very active community and is characterized by high-grade secrecy and anonymity in addition to other great functions:

Ashley Madison
  • Free and quick sign-up;
  • Unlimited and free messaging for women;
  • Priority status to be displayed higher in search results;
  • Virtual gifts;
  • Priority highlighted messages for premium members;
  • Powerful search algorithms;
  • Simple profiles.


Over 500k people have joined this platform launched in 2010, and it’s one of few free sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. Unlike other sites, it’s based on bidding and allows girls to choose whether they want to make a deal with the winner. It doesn’t have a subscription, while the money bidding is frozen to avoid being cheated. Other great features are:

Whats your price
  • Registration lasts only 30 seconds;
  • Every new profile should be approved;
  • Amazing selection of women;
  • Informative profiles;
  • Search feature with filters.


Meet Emily Dates — the 5-star platform for the real sugar daddies that pay for conversation. With 2 million users, the website has a vast variety of profiles, and 30% of these are potential daddies. So, even though there are more females out there, it only means that everyone will get their match on Emily Date. Besides, it is an international platform where you can find a match from almost anywhere globally. The app has many attractive profiles, helpful communication options, and easy navigation. Here are the features that are at your service right after the registration:

  • Credit-based payment system with 25 credits costing $29.99
  • Advanced search with multiple filters
  • Profile verification
  • Sending Winks
  • Favorite list


Are you looking for some sugar daddy apps that send money? We have an excellent choice for you — SugarDaddyMeet. The website’s community is relatively rich in terms of users, who are, by the way, very active. It is available in 20 countries, which raises the chances of finding tons of gorgeous women and wealthy daddies. You will appreciate the fact that you can browse SugarDaddyMeet on your phone; it is mobile-friendly.

Over 4.5 million ladies are registered on the site, and over 1 million sugar daddies browse their profiles. It’s an opportunity to meet someone who can help financially from around the world for a short time. Here are the best features:

  • Publishing blog posts
  • “Let’s Meet” feature
  • Viewing the last login times of other users
  • Highlighting your profile
  • Gift for the first date

Steps to find a sugar daddy to send me money now

While finding real sugar daddies that pay for conversation is not a new concept, there are some sure steps you can take to increase your chances of finding the right match:

  1. Determine what you’re looking for in a sugar daddy
  2. Choose reputable sugar daddy apps that send money
  3. Create an attractive and honest profile
  4. Use search filters to find wealthy men
  5. Initiate contact with potential sugar daddies
  6. Show a sugar daddy that he is the best man in your life
  7. Hint that you need financial support

Finding a sugar daddy online is an easy process if done correctly. Following the steps above can increase their chances of finding a compatible sugar daddy and developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Payment systems of sugar daddy apps that send money online

It is a digital, fast, and straightforward payment method founded back in 2016 in the US. People use it to transfer money to their relatives, friends, or anyone they trust. It is also an excellent option to transfer money to someone who uses a bank other than yours. All you need is a person’s telephone number (it should be the USA mobile number) or even an email. There is also no need to provide your account number.

Global E-wallets

  • Anonymous: no
  • Possible to reverse: no
  • Immediate transactions: yes

E-wallets are electronic payment wallets that allow users to send and receive money to make purchases or pay for services. The most popular e-wallets are Apple Pay, AliPay, and Google Pay, but there are many other examples used all around the globe too. 

E-wallets that send money
  • Affordable
  • Lower risk of theft or loss
  • Used everywhere
  • Can’t be used without the Internet
  • Not always accepted


  • Anonymous: no
  • Possible to reverse: not always
  • Immediate transactions: yes

Cash is traditional money in the form of currency and coins that can be used for purchases, paying debts or services. Sometimes it includes the value of assets, but in most cases, these are bills, banknotes, coins, money orders, and checks.

Get cash money from sugar daddy
  • Widely accepted
  • No extra transaction fees
  • Easy to lose or damage
  • Different by location
  • Inability to pay in distance


  • Anonymous: yes
  • Possible to reverse: yes
  • Immediate transactions: yes

This is one of the most popular electronic payment systems with over 400 million users. It allows paying, sending money, and accepting payments without entering any financial data. The only thing you need is an email address

Money from sugar daddy apps to paypal
  • Low standard commission
  • Chargeback opportunities
  • Operates all around the world
  • Hard to reach customer service
  • Can be used by scammers who claim chargeback
  • Not available in some countries


  • Anonymous: yes
  • Possible to reverse: no
  • Immediate transactions: yes

Crypto is the newest type of payments made through the blockchain. It allows making quick and affordable payments in a secure way and lots of different coins. The transactions are made between crypto wallets, but nowadays, some cards allow spending cryptocurrency similar to money on a credit or debit card.

  • Affordability
  • Variety of coins
  • Untraceable
  • Not all sites and stores accept it
  • High volatility
  • Irreversible

Cash App

  • Anonymous: yes
  • Possible to reverse: no
  • Immediate transactions: yes

This is a type of mobile application that allows exchanging money, saving, investing, and making payments using a mobile phone. This app is used by 70 million people in the USA and the UK. They find each other by name, phone number, or Cashtag. Users can choose the speed of the transfer and send payment requests for quick transactions.

Payment systems of sugar daddy apps that send money online
  • Free app
  • Ease of making payments
  • No fees and commissions
  • No connection to bank account
  • Limited number of countries
  • Available only in 2 languages


  • Anonymous: yes
  • Possible to reverse: yes
  • Immediate transactions: yes

This is a digital payment network founded in the USA that allows transferring money from one bank account to another one using a mobile app. This payment service was founded in 2016 and requires a person’s email address or mobile phone number to send money. 

Payment system that send money from sugar daddy apps
  • Fast, safe, and easy
  • Notifies user if he doesn’t have an app and gets money
  • Free
  • No additional fraud protection
  • Works only with US accounts
  • Possible limits

Second bank account

  • Anonymous: no
  • Possible to reverse: no
  • Immediate transactions: no

It’s a traditional thing for users to have bank accounts and keep money there. They offer constant access to money and sometimes allow getting interested in storing it. These accounts are opened in the banks and can be used only by a person who opened them.

Get money from sugar daddy apps to bank account
  • Highly secure
  • Trendy
  • Convenience of use
  • Necessity to open
  • Possible monthly fees
  • No interest


  • Anonymous: no
  • Possible to reverse: no
  • Immediate transactions: no

Every adult person faces a necessity to pay bills, and it can be done online. There are automated bill payments or manual ones, so you can ask a man to pay your bills or debts and do that using funds you’ll receive from sugar daddy apps to make money.

Bills to get money from sugar daddy
  • Improved credit score
  • Possibility to avoid late payment fees
  • Simplifying everyday life
  • A risk of incurring fees
  • Lack of money control

Final thoughts

More young and beautiful girls want to find an online sugar daddy no meeting free site to find a generous partner and spend time with him only on the web. Busy and successful men who don’t have time for traditional dates also appreciate this type of interaction since modern technology offers lots of possibilities to meet your expectations even in romantic relationships. No wonder every participant in sugar dating wants to find a site that accepts and sends money and minimizes the challenges connected with finances. Now you know what platforms can become your assistants in digital sugar dating and what banking options dominate them to withdraw the funds received.


Are there real sugar daddies that pay for conversation?

Sure, there are more than enough sugar daddy apps that send money free for conversations with sugar babies. Some time ago, people perceived sugaring as something weird and unconventional. Nevertheless, many financially stable and prosperous men are pleased to have the opportunity to use sugar apps that meet their needs and provide beneficial relationships.

Are sugar daddy apps to make money safe?

Using sugar daddy apps to make money can be safe if proper precautions are taken. Most reputable apps have strict policies and security features to protect users from fraudulent activity. Anyway, while it’s possible to get money from sugar daddy through a mutually agreed-upon arrangement, it’s important to prioritize safety and ensure that both parties are comfortable with the terms and conditions of the relationship.

How to get a sugar daddy without meeting him?

Technological advancements have made the concept of sugar daddies with no meeting more common. One way to get a sugar daddy without meeting him is to create a profile on a reliable sugar daddy dating site and engage in virtual conversations. Another way is to offer virtual companionship, such as phone calls, video chats, and messaging. Additionally, some sugar daddies may be willing to provide financial support for virtual arrangements, such as online shopping or paying bills.

How to get a sugar daddy to send money?

Getting a sugar daddy to send money requires clear communication, mutual trust, and a solid understanding of each other’s expectations and boundaries. To start, it’s crucial to choose reliable sugar daddy apps to make money, establish a clear agreement on the financial terms and ensure that both parties are comfortable with it. It’s also recommended to build trust with your sugar daddy over time so they feel comfortable sending money.

How do sugar daddies transfer money?

There are a few sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. Sugar daddies transfer money to their sugar babies through various means, including bank transfers, online payment platforms, and gift cards. Many sugar dating apps and websites have built-in payment features allowing easy and secure transactions. Bank transfers are a popular option for larger payments, while online payment platforms like PayPal are convenient for smaller transactions

Can you have a sugar daddy without meeting?

Yes, you can. A sugar baby website without meeting option is a viable option for those who are looking for a sugar arrangement but are not comfortable with the idea of meeting in person, allowing them to establish a connection and receive financial support without the need for physical interaction. It allows the sugar baby to establish a connection and receive financial support from a sugar daddy without the pressure of meeting them in person.


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