Abbreviations Of Different Types Of Relationship You Should Know
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Abbreviations Of Different Types Of Relationship You Should Know

The internet has tons of relationship abbreviations concerning dating and relationship, but you only need to focus on the main ones. When it comes to dating, they are SLS, NSA, ONS, FWB and MBA. There are similarities between many of them, but you should never get them mixed up. That`s what this guide is here to help you on.

Sugar Dating Sites

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Things to remember about sugar relationships

Lots of people have heard of sugar daddy status, but they cannot explain what it exactly means. The classic sugar daddy is always two things: wealthy and elderly, as seen by the notorious photos of Anna Nicole Smith kissing an almost one hundred years old billionaire. If we’re ready to accept a less cartoonish picture of a NSA sugar daddy, most of us probably still envision a middle-aged, power-lunching CEO of some kind who wears suits and smokes an expensive cigar.

However, the reality of today’s sugar-dating scene is rather different. Sugar daddies of various ages and incomes may be found on thematic websites. It’s estimated that over half of the sugar daddies on websites are under the age of 42. The number of sugar daddies in their twenties on the site actually exceeds the number of sugar daddies in their forties by 103,000. There are approximately 1.9 million sugar daddies in their 30s on the site, making them the most popular age group. There is another interesting thing about sugar daddies—abbreviations. Do you know, for example, the POT meaning sugar daddy?


Why are abbreviations in dating used so often?

Short is sweet on dating platforms. Your bio, headline, and other details about yourself have to be short enough to retain interest, but long enough to inform people what you`re like. Writing out what kind of relationship you want makes your profile look unattractive, so abbreviations are a great workaround. Here`s some of the most popular meaning slang of abbreviations you`ll see:

What is POT?

POT is short for “potential.” People on sugar dating sites use this abbreviation when they refer to someone who is likely to become their sugar baby or daddy. Finding a POT sugar partner is the goal of being on a sugaring website.

What is a POT sugar daddy?

Since the POT word means potential, a POT sugar daddy is someone a sugar baby seeks online. In the sugar dating world, POT is referred to a person who hasn’t become a sugar partner yet but is in the process of becoming one. For example, if a sugar baby has a conversation with someone about what they can expect from sugar dating, that guy can be regarded as a POT sugar daddy.

What does NSA stand for on dating sites?

NSA means `No Strings Attached`. In any sort of NSA relationship, every hookup is treated as a one-night stand. Neither of you have any obligations to each other, which means you have nothing weighing each other down. You`re both in it purely for the carnal desires, and no sort of emotions is involved. You have a partner you hook up with, but you don`t need to even be friends with this person. This means a friend with benefits can be a no strings attached relationship, but it doesn`t always work the opposite way around.

Meaning of NSA relationship in sugar dating

It’s clear from the NSA definition above that a sugar daddy is interested only in intimacy in this relationship type. Such types of relationships are quite frequent. While googling NSA sugar baby meaning, it becomes evident that this relationship gives a benefit of getting involved in sex, for which you don’t need to be emotionally attached. For sugar babies and daddies involved in this relationship of NSA, there are common 3 golden Haves:

  • Have fun: simply enjoy the moment as there’s no need for feelings.
  • Have sex: you know what you want, so get it.
  • Have boundaries: know what you can allow and what you’re allowed to do.

ONS relationship is

ONS means `One-Night Stand`. This is the most common abbreviation in dating sites. It`s when two people meet up for one night of sex, and never again. It`s essentially no strings attached sex, and nothing beyond that. A person who wants an ONS isn`t looking for a relationship or an emotional connection, just an evening of fun.


FWB type of relationship

FWB means `Friends With Benefits`. Ever watch that movie `Friends With Benefits` with the gorgeous Mila Kunis in it? It`s based on two friends, who have no romantic affection for each other, but decide to hook up with each other. The abbreviation in dating sites means the exact same thing. You may meet someone on dating sites who you don`t see yourself being romantically involved with. This doesn`t mean you have to cut contact. If the two of you are into it, you could set up a FWB relationship. Don`t think this is restricted to dating sites. You can find some of your own friends who would be interested in this sort of relationship. You just need to approach the topic in conversation with some tact.


Now you have an answer to the question: what does the FWB relationship mean? It’s about a relationship of intimate nature between friends. But what makes it different from NSA then? When it comes to FWB, it’s more about the following advantages:

  • Sexual intercourse occurs between people who have known each other for some time, and there’s trust between them.
  • Such intercourse might occur for a certain period, so partners get to know how to satisfy their needs in bed more efficiently.
  • It’s an honest relationship that doesn’t complicate anything as there’s a mutual agreement to have intimate bonds without a need to become more than friends.
  • There’s no need for commitment or devotion to such a relationship at all, so you don’t leave any place for jealousy.

Stemming from the FWB relationship meaning, it’s clear that a couple knows each other and can meet frequently. But in the case of NSA, it may be just about 1 or 2 nights.

SLS abbreviation in dating means

SLS stands for `Swing Lifestyle`. Swingers are people in relationships, who have sex with other people. This can be together, or separately. Swingers usually hook up with other couples, essentially `exchanging` partners. It`s basically an open relation, but they still have rules. In fact, there are 7 golden rules to follow if you`re in this type of relationship. Swing Lifestyle relationships are built around trust and respect, so don`t expect to get away with cheating. You still have to tell the person you`re dating everything you plan on doing, and ask if they`re okay with it.

Meaning of MBA

MBA stands for `Married But Available`. For a person who says they`re MBA, this can mean many things. It`s the most complicated status to understand and it`s not always cheating. Here`s a list of things that it can mean in their relationship:

  • The couple is unsatisfied in their marriage, so they`re cheating to scratch their itch.
  • They`re in an open marriage, meaning both the husband and wife are allowed to have intimate relationships outside their marriage.
  • The husband and wife are in a stag-vixen relationship, in which the woman(the vixen) sleeps with other men, while the husband(the stag) watches or even participates. The stag and the vixen respect each other in this relationship.
  • The spouses are in a cuckold-domme relationship. The wife(the domme) sleeps with other men, and actively humiliates the husband(the domme) about it. He`s sometimes allowed to watch, but is not allowed to participate. The cuck places the domme on a pedestal in this type of relationship.

M&G meaning in sugar dating

M&G simly means “meet and greet.” It`s essential for the beginning of any sugar arrangement. During M&G, potential sugar baby and sugar daddy get to see each other face-to-face after communicating online. They use this meeting to ensure they like and trust each other and discuss details of their potential arrangement.


What is PPM

One of the most popular abbreviations on sugar baby dating sites, PPM stands for “pay per meet.” It`s a kind of sugar relationships, in which a sugar baby receives gifts or money per each date rather than regular monthly or weekly payments. It`s best to begin a new sugar relationship with PPM rather than allowance.

About PPM meaning in sugar dating

Now that you know what PPM stands for and what it means, you need to think about your expectations. If you find a generous sugar daddy, PPM payments are more profitable when compared to other types of allowance.  

When considering PPM, you need to pick a proper sugar daddy. How you choose your POT will play a key role in how much you’ll gain from your date. You can meet the following sugar daddies:

  • Experience daddies: they don’t pay in cash. They prefer spoiling their women with clothes, hotels, vacations, and the like.
  • Splenda daddy: it’s a sugar daddy who can’t afford to be too generous. They tend to be low-budget daddies.
  • Salty daddies: these are fake sugar daddies who pretend to be rich just to benefit from your companionship, so be attentive to avoid being a victim of salty daddies.

How do these abbreviations in dating sites work with each other?

Think of rectangles and squares: All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. Same thing with many of these abbreviations. Here`s how they typically work out:

  • An ONS and FWB are almost always NSA. However, a FWB and ONS are not related.
  • An SLS is always an MBA (unless they`re not married), but an MBA does not have to be an SLS.
  • You can find an NSA relationship with someone who is MBA, but it is very rare.
  • The risk with FWB relationships is while they start as NSA, one person might develop feelings for the other. This complicates things, and suddenly your no strings attached relationship has strings.

Now you know all the main abbreviations in dating. Think it`s time to update your profile and let people know exactly what you`re looking for? The people looking at your profile will know if they`re compatible with you or not right off the bat. No more time wasted over miscommunications, imagine that!

Final words on the meaning of sugaring

When it comes to “mutually advantageous” agreements, sugar-dating is frequently prone to the same kinds of misunderstandings as men who pay for the services of sex workers. A lot of people who don’t live in the “sugar bowl” think men become sugar daddies to compensate for their perceived lack of sexual market value.

The real reason many men choose a NSA sugar baby instead of common relationships is to avoid the exhausting, time-consuming pageantry that is often associated with traditional dating.

Dating in a nontraditional way, such as sugar dating, eliminates a lot of the expectations and social scripts that conventional dating is bound by, enabling those on either side of the sugar-dating dynamic to express their desires, needs, and limits more clearly. It is great when you know POT meaning sugar baby and understand the whole idea of sugar daddying—it makes relationships more comfortable and pleasant.


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